Email Scammers…

   You know it’s hard for me to talk about the 419, stock pump/dump, bank phishers and the rest, without using excessive profanity which isn’t quite appropriate for a blog.  So recently there was a customer of mine that forwarded an email through the SMTP gateways I manage that was caught in a custom word filter list.  While I tried determine if I should release the email it became apparent the scam has already been effective to the tune of 900.00.  And the Nigerian loser was trying to get an extra 300 out of the victim.  The scam involves posting a house for rent on Craig’s list, after searching for real houses for rent or sale in the area.  So if the mark drives by the address the pics match and there is a for rent or sale sign out front.  The response to the initial inquiry about the house, is usually about getting called away on business to Nigeria and needing first month’s and security deposit sent through Western Union.  I’ve been seeing more and more of these idiots trying whatever they can to steal money from others as if they are entitled to it; because they were born in a 3rd world country anything they do to “the rich” in America is justified.  I really can’t understand the upbringing these people must have had to be able to sleep at night ripping people off.  Although I know it’s not true, it’s really hard to not generalize and see the entire country of Nigeria as a bunch of cheats, crooks, and liars when you are exposed to the these emails on a daily basis. 

  Craig’s list highlights that anyone asking for payment from Western Union is a scam link.  But unfortunately people are busy and trusting when it sounds like a good deal.  All I ask is please be vigilant out there, the Internet is not only the happy joyous place social networking sites want you to believe it is. It has a dark side and like many forms of negativity it often comes with a “pretty face” and a good deal.  Here’s an example reply from one of these morons link.

PS. And in case you needed more convincing here’s an article about a convicted SPAMMER that escaped from minimum security prison recently and then proceded to kill himself, his wife, and toddler.  Just goes to show the cowards these individuals really are. link


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