AutoRun/AutoPlay part 2…

This is an update to the “AutoRun/AutoPlay Disabling Confusion” blog entry below. I’ve been working with the WSUS admin and we have not gotten the KB950582 to install on machines below Vista. Not good.  I even checked several C$ machine shares and did not see the patch’s install folder, proving the “not applicable” option in screen
shot below.  Again Not good.

WSUS showing patch as either applied or not applicable..

However, just yesterday I logged onto one of my XP machines and I got a Windows update rompt, but that was odd because I was sure I was up-to-date. The prompt says you need  B967715 which is a patch that correctly disables AutoRun. Nice! So, MS did simplify the whole thing. They released Security advisory 967940 which points to patch 967715 for 2000,XP,2003. And to top it all off MS even addresses the confusion I mentioned in their FAQs. So my new suggestion is to apply the GPO and include the 967715 to your WSUS required patches and you should be good to go. Thanks for addressing the issue MS, maybe Bill Gates reads my blog?

Here are the links…

PS. If you already installed KB950582, you won’t need the KB967715 and it won’t show as needed.

Why are there two places to get this update?

These updates are available in two places due to the way the updates were originally offered. The updates that were offered in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 953252 were not available from automatic updating (including Automatic Updates, Windows Update,
and Windows Server Update Services) and therefore required users to manually find these updates and install them. The updates that are offered in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 967715 contain the same updates that correctly respect the registry keys values to disable Autorun as in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 953252, but are being distributed via automatic updating.


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