The startup that didn’t start…

So I have requested Hostgator to rm -rf my VPS for a web application I created called after about a year of building and trying to get it to catch on.  Basically I was attempting to be a middle man between consumers and vendors, adding value to both around transaction security and accuracy.  By having users fill out one or more forms on my site with various types of information about them and then picking a text string (called WalletID) that they could give out to vendor’s who I would verify out of band.  This would allow the vendors to check against my site as needed for the updated info behind the WalletID.  So it’s an extra layer of sanity check before shipping a package to an address, sending a targeted email, or perhaps a pwd change request.  All checks could be verified externally (at my site) to whatever the vendor’s transaction technique was (at their website), in case it was being abused.

Anyway, I enjoyed creating the site and .html form front-ended .php script to pull the user’s info from MYSQL which amounted to a poor mans API for the vendors. Even though I think it’s a good idea that will come to be in someway or another, I learned that I’m apparently not entrepreneur material. I lost much motivation after the technical stuff was minimized and I couldn’t get any real interest from ycombinator, users or vendors.  Not to mention I also found very little incentive to eventually become an accountant, employer, tax expert, and other such work that comes with starting a company.  And the biggest reason of all is that I actually enjoy my day job, as opposed to longing to be my own boss apparently I’m better off running the rat race.  Live and Learn.

The site is still active as I type this watching Broncos and Patriots January 14th 2011 but should be down soon. Here’s a screen shot of the homepage for a little taste for the curious.

HTML Source of UserFAQ

HTML Source of VendorFAQ


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