ELI5 Cut/Paste free form select with transparent background in MS Paint.

So this has nothing to do with infosec but something I figured I’d post up just in case someone struggled with this like I did for 30 mins when it should take 5 seconds.   Here are the steps that worked for me.

Cut/Paste free form select only into new picture with transparent background in MS Paint (Win 7)  because your too cheap to buy something better.  Me too.
1.  Save cut picture as a .PNG (not JPEG).  Save paste picture as any format.
2.  Open both pictures in MS Paint but separate windows
3.  Resize the picture to roughly what you’ll need once you paste it. See TIP below.
4.  In cut picture
a. Select > Select All
b. Select > Free Form Selection
5. Cut around the image you want to use, trying to get as little of the picture background as desired.
6.  Cut (Ctrl X)
7.  Switch to paste Picture  (Alt+Tab)
8.  Paste (Ctrl V)
9.  IMPORTANT:  you will still see white rectangle, so goto to Selection > Transparent selection directly after pasting, do not hit ENTER until you are happy.
TIP:  Once you have pasted, and again before you hit ENTER to lock it in, you can right click on picture and choose Resize to get proportions correct. While judging your paste picture perspective.

So if you found this on a Google search, I’m just paying it forward all the times that happened to me over the years.


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